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Uniform & Equipment

Our uniform suppliers are:

The Steady School Wear shop is located on:

29 Holderness Rd, Hull, HU8 7NA.

Tel:  01482 322982

Normal opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday                 9.15am – 4.30pm

  • Saturday                               10.00am – 4.00pm

  • Sunday                                CLOSED

If you wish to purchase a tie, please place your order on Arbor or ring the school reception if you cannot pay online. 

Red Tie - £4.68

Black Tie - £4.79

Uniform for Years 7, 8 and 9

  • Black V-neck jumper with grey trim round the neck and the school logo
  • And/or Savile cut (boys) black jacket with the school logo
  • And/or Colchester cut (girls) black jacket with the school logo
  • Plain white shirt
  • Maroon tie with the school logo
  • Plain black, knee length skirt, not stretchy or skin tight.  See uniform poster below.
  • Plain black, full length trousers. Belts must be plain black and with a small buckle. (Please note that the following are not permitted: cords, jeans, brushed denim, combat style trousers/multiple pockets, ski pants/leggings, trousers with multiple zips or slits in the legs, extreme hipster styles, pinstripe or other patterned styles).
  • Flat, black footwear which can be polished.  Boots above the ankle are not permitted. No suede, canvas or fabric shoes or ankle boots or identified trainers, see correct footwear poster below.
  • Hat – Students can only wear hats outside and must take them off as soon as they enter a school building. This should be sensible and appropriate.
  • Apron – This is to protect clothing during Technology lessons.
  • Shorts - Black formal shorts may be worn during the summer term.

Uniform for Years 10 and 11

  • Black tie with the school logo.
  • All other items as in Years 7-9.

PE Kit Girls

  • Panelled skirt or skorts - black/red (girls can wear panelled rugby shorts - black/red instead if they wish)
  • Panelled polo shirt with the school logo - black/red
  • Panelled 1/4 zip top with the school logo - black/red
  • White sports trainers
  • Football socks - black/red or plain black
  • White sports socks (ankle socks)
  • Track pants - black/red (KS4 only) (optional)
  • No jewellery at all.

PE Kit Boys

  • Panelled rugby shorts - black/red
  • Fully reversible panelled rugby shirt - black/red
  • Panelled polo shirt with the school logo - black/red
  • Panelled 1/4 zip top with the school logo - black/red (optional)
  • Football socks - black/red or plain black
  • White sports trainers
  • White sports socks (ankle socks)
  • Football/hockey boots
  • No jewellery at all.


Students are expected to arrive at school with the correct equipment each day.

It is the students' responsibility to be organised with the right equipment, ready to start the school day.

You can help by making sure that your child has a weather-resistant bag, large enough to carry an A4 folder and the following equipment: 

Pencil Case Highlighters
Black Pen Scientific calculator
Blue Pen Coloured pencils
Purple Pen Sharpener 
Green Pen Water bottle
Pencil Reading Book
Rubber Ruler

They should also carry their Student Planner with them at all times, and we encourage them to bring reading material to school.

Can my child wear jewellery and/or make-up?*

We do not allow jewellery or body piercings, including necklaces and bracelets, with the exception of one plain stud per ear.  No other forms of body piercing are acceptable. If your child has a piercing over the summer holiday, this must be done in the first two weeks of the holiday. This is to allow enough time to heal so your child can follow our jewellery policy when they come back in September.

Rings are not allowed to be worn.  

Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn.

If your child wears excessive make-up, they will be asked to clean it off.

False nails, coloured nails and eyelashes are NOT permitted.

Students may wear the uniform which reflects their gender identity.

Do you have a haircut/hairstyle policy?*

We expect our students not to have extreme hairstyles. This includes tram lines, designs cut into the hair and unnatural colours, such as green, blue, purple and bright red.

What if my child does not comply with the school uniform policy?

We will ask your child to attend a detention, internal isolation and/or parental interviews with Head of Year or the Headteacher. Your child could also be excluded if they fail to comply.

If there is good reason why your child is not wearing the correct uniform, please write a note in the Planner to explain why. You should also tell us when the issue will be resolved.

What is your policy on devices like mobile phones and electronic devices?

Phones and electronic devices should not be seen on the school site at any point. If they are seen, they will be confiscated by staff until the end of the school day. Students are able to have phones/electronic devices in their bags to be used offsite after the school day. The school is not responsible for the security or loss of mobile phones or other electronic devices. For further information, please consult the mobile phone policy.

*Cottingham High School reserves the right to determine whether any particular garment is suitable for wearing whilst on school premises. This principle also applies to hairstyles and make-up.