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Key Stage 3

A GCSE ready PE student will be independent in order to manage their own workload and manage their own time effectively. They will have a curiosity that goes beyond the classroom in their desire to develop their understanding of the subject, including taking part in sport outside of school. Perseverance will be a key quality so that they are able to understand that there will be barriers in their way and with hard work they can overcome them. A GCSE ready PE student will show resilience and understand that failure is an integral part of learning and that they learn from their mistakes. This will be notable in their practical performances to ensure that they improve week upon week and lesson upon lesson. Strength in their communication skills is also essential, so that they are able to work with others, interact with others and share ideas with others both verbally and non-verbally. Equally, being receptive and able to listen to the advice of their teachers and other experts and put the advice into practice is also a key quality. A confidence in their own ability, both in the classroom and in a practical capacity, is something we would expect to see in any of our examination PE students.

Being organised and able to organise themselves and their equipment so they have kit for the correct lessons, books for the right lessons and attending any additional time such as training times or matches on time is essential, as is a strong desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle by considering diet and exercise programmes. They will be aware of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of leading a more sedentary based one.

Finally, being talented (practically) is a fundamental quality we would expect to see in a GCSE ready PE student due to the practical element of the course. They will have experience in playing sport and play to a good level, as it is impossible to achieve top grades at GCSE level in PE without this.

In addition to the many health benefits such as combatting childhood obesity, PE has the ability to build up a child’s self-esteem, confidence, motivation, teamwork, fair play, independence, leadership and their ability to play sport. As well as develop cross curricular skills such as literacy and numeracy and help children to learn to release stress in a constructive way.

Key Stage 4

Please click on the link here to read the subject specification in the Options Booklet and watch the video below to find more about what Sports Studies entails from the Head of Subject.

Exam Specification

OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science and Sport Studies Specification - J802, J803, J812, J813

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