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Accessing learning resources remotely 

If your child is absent from school due to illness, self-isolation or closure we will provide work through selected online platforms. If your child has limited or no access to the Internet, paper-based tasks will be supplied. If your child has not received these please contact the school office. (01482 847498) 

From June 2020 - please check the attachment below to see how work will be set for your year group.

Key Stage 3 

For students in Years 7 to 9, work for this longer period of absence is now being set on Microsoft Teams. Teachers are also sharing video updates to keep in touch through this site.

  1. Please use the links below to access the pages using GOOGLE CHROME browser.
  2. Your child will need to login using their school username and password.
  3. From there they may be prompted to download the app or use the web version. Either option is fine. There is a mobile and tablet app which also offers the same functions.

Year 7:

Tear 8:

Year 9:

Your child will see a page like the one below

All the subjects should appear at point 1. Clicking on one of these will open the page for that subject. Then clicking “Files” at point 2. will show folders containing the work set and instructions. General updates and videos will be shared in the General tab.

Student Email

Teachers will also send important messages through email and also expect to receive some work back through email. Your child can access this by clicking the Email icon at the top of this webpage, and again entering their school username and password when prompted.

Key Stage 4

If your child is in Year 10 or 11, teachers are using the same sites as above to set work.  
Despite the abandonment of examinations for Year 11, we feel it is important that your child continues to engage with learning, particularly in subjects that they intend to study at Post-16.  Work will continue to be set for them to complete.  

To minimise disruption to learning, staff will also share documents via Microsoft Teams and through email to sustain and complement your child’s current learning. Each site has designated folders for subjects where work will be shared. To access these your child will need to click the links below and use their school computer username and password as described on the next page. 

Year 10  - Independent Learning Folders
Year 11 – Independent Learning Folders

Year 11 students in MFL have work packs to complete. These have already gone home.  
For all students in Year 11, the following activities are aimed at developing financial awareness and would provide useful experience for your child. 

Tenner Challenge

This is a national competition that can be completed by students independently at home.  ‘Tenner from Home’ supports students to set up a project to research and plan a business opportunity that could be started with just £10. If you would like your child to take part, please email  

Maths Matters

This resource provides activities and exam style questions that follow the Maths GCSE curriculum but use money and finance as a context for learning.  


Teachers of Post-16 classes will use existing communication methods including email and Microsoft Teams to set and collect work for your child.  

Following the government’s announcement that there will be no examinations for Year 13, we suggest that students look towards the next stage of their education, training or employment and focus their time on preparing for that by re-reading and revisiting work they have done over the last 2 years on a regular basis. The online training site Futurelearn offers free, interactive courses lasting 2-4 weeks covering a wide range of subjects including Science, History, Politics, Healthcare, Languages, Business. Accessing one or more of these would enrich your child’s studies to date and give them a taster of a subject close to their ongoing interests or aspirations.  
 Accessing email, Microsoft Teams & quick links to other named websites 
To access email, and Microsoft Teams, first visit the school website, and click on the email icon (see below):  

Students will need to enter their school username and password. This is the same username/password they use to login to computers at school. If your child doesn’t have this, please email:

 The page below will be presented which is what they see when they log in at school. From here, most of the key websites where work is set have a quick link button. 

Contacting the school 

During this period of closure, we have had to prioritise our resources to support students preparing for external assessments in year 10, 11 and 13. Should students in these year groups be working from home and need to contact a subject specialist, please use the addresses below:

English – 

Maths – 

Science –

Languages/Sport – 

Music – 

Humanities – 

Arts  –

Technology – 

Drama – 

Staff will endeavour to respond to emails from your child in a timely manner. However, please be aware that these email addresses will most frequently be monitored during normal school hours. It may also be that at certain times a number of staff may also be suffering from illness or caring for dependants with an illness and so we kindly ask that parents and carers have patience whilst we do our very best to support your child. 

As well as support from subject specialists, should you or your child require any pastoral support during this time, there is a dedicated pastoral email address to help deal with any concerns or queries, including where students require any emotional support. We will endeavour to respond in the same way as with subject support emails, but please be aware that this will also be monitored primarily during normal school hours. 

Our staff are working hard to ensure that our students are supported both academically and emotionally through these difficult times. If for any reason you are unable to access the online platforms, please email

With any contact via email, if you are not emailing via your child’s school email account, please include their name, year and tutor. Where it is a subject specific issue, the name of their teacher(s) would be helpful in getting the inquiry to the right staff member.  

Setting a routine

It is important that if healthy, your child engages with the learning tasks assigned and maintains some normality to their day. We would recommend therefore that;

  • Your child logs on in the morning to check email and access the work they would normally be doing in lessons that day – their timetable is available in the student planner.
  • Your child works for short (up to 50 minute) blocks of time with a 10 minute reflection at the end to record any thoughts, ideas or questions about the work. 
  • If your child has issues accessing or understanding the work that they get in touch with the school using the addresses provided for help. 
  • Your child has breaks between tasks to avoid monotony
  • Where permissible within the government guidance, encourage your child to get some exercise. 

If you are feeling anxious about Covid-19, meeting your friends and returning to school, please click here for the all the support, advice and guidance available to you.