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Key Stage 3

A GCSE ready History student will be a semi-independent and engaged learner with a passion for not only History, but also the world around them. We aim to develop an understanding of key historical events that have shaped the modern world, including a grasp of circumstances that can lead to intolerance and cruelty, but also the lighter and inspiring side of humanity. The purpose of studying in History is to make students engage with how their immediate and broader environment functions and how different groups within it relate to each other. With this is mind, History at KS3 begins the transition to a future of insight and provides opportunities to enrich experience through educational visits, something which we hope will inspire students to choose the subject at KS4. However, paramount to the success of all students are engagement, enjoyment and, above all, positive relationships.

Technically, students will be able to harness and utilise a range of historical skills that will help them progress through KS4 and beyond. Amongst the broad range of skills and critical thinking History equips students with are: interpreting source and evidence-based materials and being able to shape them around an enquiry; questioning the utility of different evidence and being able to articulate their ideas; producing semi-independently structured work and applying a range of contextual knowledge to demonstrate understanding and enhance arguments, amongst others. This will be supported with a range of language and terminology which is specific to the topics they study and learners will be confident in deploying this language effectively. KS3 History at Cottingham High aims to produce technically minded, inquisitive and motivated learners with global awareness of the past and some understanding of the present.

Key Stage 4

Please click on the link here to read the subject specification in the Options Booklet and watch the video below to find more about what History entails from the Head of Subject.

Exam Specification

AQA | GCSE | History | Specification at a glance

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