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Key Stage 3

A GCSE ready Drama student can work collaboratively with others and be creatively adaptive in skill delivery for the varying demands of Drama tasks, group dynamics and skillsets.  Students are encouraged to think analytically, evaluate effectively and responsively reflect. They have confidence in their own ideas, reflecting and refining work without acceptance of a final outcome.  A GCSE ready Drama student can establish and manage a growth toolkit of transferable dramatic skills, applicable both in studies and in the professional workplace. 

The skills, knowledge and understanding of a GCSE ready Drama student are developed from a comprehensive Drama curriculum studied at KS3 and enjoyed to ensure mastery, tailored to and beyond GCSE exam board assessment criteria.  It is one which delivers comprehensive social, cultural, moral and historical content, explored to ensure rich understanding of text-based work and give a valid foundation and core balance to devising pieces from wide ranging stimuli.  All this is supported and contextualised by regular, live theatre experiences and visits, professional theatre practitioner workshops and student participation and performance in school-based musicals and theatre performances.    

Key Stage 4

Please click on the link here to read the subject specification in the Options Booklet and watch the video below to find more about what Drama entails from the Head of Subject.

Exam Specification

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