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Business and Enterprise

How are students assessed?

Students are assessed in grades. A number of pieces of work are formally assessed from projects to individual tests and assessments. Students are informed when a piece of work is going to be formally assessed. Their progress is formally reported three times a year. Individual targets are set for students and are placed in the front of their work book.

What homework is set?

Homework is set on a weekly basis. It can include brief research tasks, which are used at the start of the next lesson. Other longer homework tasks are used to extend or consolidate learning from the classroom setting. In Year 10 for example a series of homeworks are completed in an Enterprise booklet.


Key Stage 4

We currently offer two options at Key Stage 4. 
These are the GCSE in Business Studies and the OCR Cambridge National in Business & Enterprise.

GCSE in Business Studies

Our GCSE course offers an insight into the world of business using knowledge-based exercises and simulated situations.

The course

This GCSE course follows the following aspects of business:
• Business ownership
• Aims and objectives of a business
• Location issues
• Marketing
• Finance
• People in business
• Operations and customer services

Covering all the main basic topics, students should be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and gain an insight into related sectors. The course will allow them to make informed decisions about learning opportunities and career choices.
Knowledge and understanding will be achieved through notes, discussions, worksheet tasks, and case study activities which will be completed in class and for homework.
Business Studies is an academic subject and you will be expected to take notes in class and pay full attention. Homework is set once a week, and will extend and build upon your existing knowledge. You will be expected to use your business skills and imagination to solve real life business problems.

How are students assessed?

Our students sit one exam at the end of Year 11. This is a 2 hour exam that covers all topics studied and will make up 75% of their final GCSE grade. They also complete a controlled assessment that takes approximately 12 hours to complete. This is worth 25% of their final grade.

The OCR National in Business & Enterprise

The Certificate in Business and Enterprise consists of 3 units of work

Students study 3 units, two of which are coursework based units that the students can work on in lesson time and are marked by their teacher. Students will then sit an exam to gain the remainder of their mark.
This course allows students to re-sit the examination if they are dissatisfied with their first attempt.

What can students go on to do after this course?

Students can go on to study BTEC Level 3 in Business Studies, A-level Business Studies, or college courses. They can also go straight into full time employment.
Success and interest in this area will allow our students to develop their studies further in our Sixth Form by taking BTEC Level 3 Applied Business, Single or Dual Award. We also offer the OCR Level 2 in Business course.