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Art and Design/Photography

A GCSE ready Art and Design student will be experienced and confident in the formal elements and will be able to demonstrate a mastery of using line, tone, colour, form, texture and pattern in their work. Through the varied curriculum, pupils will be stretched and challenged appropriately, building a strong portfolio of subject specific practical skills including 3D model making and digital art techniques, in addition to the traditional processes of drawing and painting. We provide opportunities that are enjoyable and also provoke interest and curiosity, considering a range of Art movements and genres from different contexts, historical timeframes and cultures, broadening their cultural capital. They will have an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values and how art can contribute to wellbeing.

They will have creative confidence, having acquired the necessary skills to design and develop a range of personal ideas and outcomes and an ability to critically analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others, identifying key features and drawing comparisons will be established, informing their actions and improving outcomes. They will have resilience and independence inside and outside of the classroom, with a desire to take creative risks and seek to embrace opportunities to access the work of practitioners in the wider community. Through these opportunities, pupils will have an awareness and appreciation of Art and Design and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives.  Above all, our students will be passionate about Art and Design and the plethora of possible opportunities that await them in their further studies and broader creative industries.