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Y7 Team Building Day - Sept 21

Year 7 were brought together on an annual team building activity day designed to help students make the transition into secondary school as fun and smooth as possible.

The Challenger Team Building Team provide a huge range of fun educational and team building activities to help groups work together and challenge themselves. As they work together in teams, participants learn to respect the diverse nature of the individuals within their group, and to think about the various ways they can contribute to the team – be it by taking the lead or in a different role.

By learning to listen to multiple perspectives, participants use increased social skills to evaluate each other’s ideas. They can then build on and combine them to come up with numerous potential solutions. As a result, this leads to confidence building. Each student has the opportunity to have their ideas listened to and acted upon by their peers. By participating in organised team building activities, year 7 students will be able to develop important skills. They will get to know their classmates and better prepared for the years ahead.

This year's group of year 7 students were no exception to the fantastic feedback once again received from Mark Hunter MBE, Director of the Challenger Team Building Team Company:

"A great bunch of young people who threw themselves into every activity. They were truly excellent at solving the challenges and worked well as a team, which is what it is all about! They performed at a level well beyond their years. A huge well done from the team and I. A great year group ".