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Please continue to support the Community Allotment Project when shopping at the Co-op

When you buy selected Co-op branded products and services, you earn money for yourself and the community local cause you select. We are so thankful, you have helped raise £4,686.04 from the last round of Co-op funding.  

To continue supporting this Community Allotment Project, please continue to choose this Co-op Membership Local Community Fund so we can receive 2% from all purchases for another year from now until October 2022.  If you would like support this project, please click on the link here.

There is much work to be done to get this project, which we hope to launch very soon, up and running. The Co-op have announced they are in full support of the project and have given us another year to raise as much as we can to make sure we can focus on bringing together the past, present and future generations of the village of Cottingham, so that they can learn from and connect with each other through gardening and working together on the allotment scheme. Through the opportunity of sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company, wisdom and unique insights, new friendships can be forged and aspirations allowed to blossom. This will allow the growth of mutual respect whilst minimising ageism.

We have many budding gardeners without their own garden and huge allotment waiting lists. Here at Cottingham High School, we have a large area of untended land that will be put to this great purpose, helping the development of the school in becoming a community hub.There is an ethical need to educate the younger generations about the ever-growing need for sustainable food and green areas. Has there ever been a better time to break out your wellies, wheelbarrow, forks and trowels and come together? 

Thank you for your continued support!