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Information regarding timings of the school day wk beg 14 September

Dear Parent/Carer

Having surveyed your child this week and consulted with the local bus companies, we have made some adjustments to the timings of the day to avoid congestion on key routes where services are operating a reduced capacity. The timings for students to arrive and leave school are as follows.

Morning (AM)

No one to be on the school site before 8.30am

Main Gate

Y9 - 8.30am

Y7 – 8.35am

Y10 – 8.40am

Top Gate

Y8 – 8.30am

Y11 – 8.40am

Y12 & Y13 - 9.00am

Evening (PM)

Y9 – 2.50pm Students to catch the 104 and 105 from the Lawns – see below

Y8 – 3.00pm

Y7- 3.05pm

Y12 and Y13 – 3.05pm

Y11 and Y10 – 3.10pm



Due to the numbers of students accessing public service buses, in particular the 104, and 105 we request your support with the following.

Coming to school

In the morning Year 9 students who come to school on the 104 should take the 7.30am service from Hull Paragon, which arrives at the Lawns at approximately 8.10. Other year groups can access the 8.00am service. Please see the timetable below for main stop times

Students who get the 105 school service should be unaffected as this bus is running at normal capacity. We do not anticipate a capacity issue on the public 105 service which arrives at the Lawns

Leaving school

In the afternoon Year 9 students taking the 104 will leave school at 14.50, enabling them to catch the 15.08 service from The Lawns. Year 9 students who normally catch the 105 service which continues to Hull Paragon along Cottingham Road will be able to catch the earlier bus from The Lawns at 15.15.

For more detailed route information, please use the “plan your journey” section of the East Yorkshire buses site, available here

Yours faithfully

Loz Wilson