Year 6 

If you missed the open evening on the 27 September and you wanted to look around, please do not hesitate to ring the school and make an appointment with Mrs Cassidy - Head of KS3 on 01482 847498.  

Throughout the year a variety of activities are arranged for children to attend, for example sporting, English, Maths and Science events and High Starter enrichment events.

A Y6 Induction week will be held on the last week of the summer term w/c 15 July 2019.

Year 5 Information Evening

An open evening will be held in the Summer term every year for prospective parents and their children, so you can find out about the school values. It also gives the children to met current Year 7 students and have a tour of the school.
The Year 5 Information Evening this year will be held in the summer term - date will be confirmed in due course.  

New Year 7 Parents Tutor Evening

An open night will be held in the Summer term every year for parents/carers to come to the school to meet their child/ren's tutor and understand some of our key policies and important points you will need to know about your child becoming a Cottingham High School student.

Year 6 Induction Week 

Children carry out a range of activities and lessons which allows them to learn how to become a Cottingham High School student.

The induction week this year is from 15 to 19 July 2018.

1:1 Interviews

Mrs Cassidy Head of Year 7 will carry out 1:1 interviews with all children/parents who have a place at Cottingham High School. This is done via an appointment process and can be carried out at primary schools or at Cottingham High School.
Mrs Cassidy will arrange this via the Primary School.


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Admissions Procedure

Year 6 -7  Transition (2019-20)

Our induction programme is designed to offer prospective parents and students an opportunity to learn about becoming a student at Cottingham High School and the educational opportunities we offer.

The Application Process

You must apply to your home local authority, even for a school in another area.
You can apply in different ways – online or by using a paper form
Online forms are available on your council’s website:

East Riding residents will have received information and a reference number already.
The online system is easy, safe and secure to use – 3,000 applications already received with 90% of parents using the online system.
Paper Application forms will be posted to parents in the East Riding in October with brief guidance notes.
You can name up to three schools and rank them in order of your preference.

31 October 2017 is the application deadline to your home authority

September 2018 Online facility available
Early October 2018 Paper forms available
31 October 2019 Deadline for applications
1 March 2019 Letter to applicants sent from home authority
Hull City Council East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Admissions Team School Admissions Team
Tel 01482 300300 Tel 01482 392131/392130

Future Intake

We have seven feeder schools:

Bacon Garth Primary School

Dunswell Academy

Cottingham Croxby Primary School

Hallgate Primary School

Little Weighton Rowley CE (VC) Primary School

Skidby Primary School

Westfield Primary School

We also take students from a wide range of Hull primary schools.

Once a place has been allocated in March we will be in touch with lots of information and guidance regarding the transition process. Our induction programme is designed to offer prospective parents and students an opportunity to learn about becoming a student at Cottingham High School and the educational opportunities we offer.

May and June 2019 – visits to feeder primaries from members of CHS staff
June and July 2019 – a variety of activities
High Starters enrichment
New Parents’ Evening (Tutor Evening) - 3 July 2019
Induction Week - 15-19 July 2019
One-to-one interviews - July 2019
Any questions: Contact Mrs Cassidy/ Mrs Mounks

Some quotes from our Year 7:

"We chose Cottingham High School because it feels like a community - a feeling that was lacking when we visited our catchment school".

"I am so pleased with my daughter's start to Year 7.  She has made a group of friends very quickly and she has been smiling! She told me the other day that she wished she had been able to see into the future because she wouldn’t have got so worried about the move to High School.  It was a big step leaving Primary School friends behind so I am really pleased that she has settled in so quickly. Thank you ever so much for your support."

Close contact with our feeder schools starts in Year 5 with a variety of sporting events organised by our School's Sport Co-ordinator. For Year 6 we hold transition meetings with all Year 6 teaching staff from feeder and non-feeder schools, during May and June.  Academic, pastoral and SEN information is gained about every pupil.
We also offer transition lessons in a range of subjects during the summer term.

The benefits of our comprehensive transition process are:
• Pupils arrive at Cottingham High School confident and secure
• Parents are fully aware and fully informed at all stages
• Pupils are allocated to a suitable form, based on pastoral and academic information from the primary school
• Learning is able to begin quickly in September as pupils have some prior experience of school

If you have any queries our Transition Co-ordinator is Mrs Mounks and she can be contacted by telephone on 01482 847498. Our Head of Year 7 is Mrs Cassidy and her email is