School Uniform

Our uniform supplier is

SteadySchool Wear  29 Holderness Rd, Hull, HU8 7N 

School ties are available to buy from school at a cost of £5

Letter to parents regarding school skirt

You can find our new school uniform and PE kit information for years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 here. For more information, see Understanding Our Uniform page 1 and 2.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Years 10 and 11

PE kit



• When weather is bad, if a child does not bring their kit and goes outside for a lesson they could become wet, cold and muddy and then have to walk around school, for the rest of the day, in that condition. By bringing kit they eliminate this issue and are still able to take a role in the lesson.
• Whilst we are in no way questioning the legitimacy of all students' notes, as PE teachers, we deal with a number of notes per lesson of which some are legitimate and some are not. It is because of this we ask all students to bring all their kit to prevent those students  bringing notes every week, with no kit and not participating in lessons that are a legal requirement of their school week.
• Every student has a role to play within a lesson whether that be as a performer, coach or official and therefore it is important that they have PE kit in order to perform their role.
• By everybody bringing kit everyone is in the same situation and nobody is isolated from the lesson; as is the case for school uniform, everybody is part of the school community and as such conforms to the school rules.
• Every lesson requires students to bring equipment to support their learning for example a reading book in English or a calculator in Maths. It is an expectation that they bring their kit to a PE lesson because whether they are injured or not (as previously mentioned) a role can still be played and learning can still take place.

Where can I buy my child’s school uniform?

or from the School Uniform Specialists

School ties are available to purchase from school at a cost of £5.00.  Payment must be made via the schoolgateway as we no longer accept cash in school.

What else does my child need for school?

A pen, pencil, ruler and a strong bag are essentials. They will also benefit from colouring pencils, a rubber and a sharpener. They should carry their Homework Diary with them at all times, and we encourage them to bring reading material to school.

Can my child wear jewellery and/or make-up?*

We do not allow jewellery or body piercings, including necklaces and bracelets, with the exception of one plain stud per ear and one ring on a finger. If your child has a piercing over the summer holiday, this must be done in the first two weeks of the holiday. This is to allow enough time to heal so your child can follow our jewellery policy when they come back in September.

If your child wears excessive make-up, they will be asked to clean it off.

Do you have a haircut/hairstyle policy?*

We expect our students not to have extreme hairstyles. This includes tram lines, designs cut into the hair and unnatural colours, such as green, blue, purple and bright red.

What if my child does not comply with the school uniform policy?

We will ask your child to attend a detention, internal isolation and/or parental interviews with Head of Year or the Headteacher. Your child could also be excluded if they fail to comply.

If there is good reason why your child is not wearing the correct uniform, please write a note in the Diary to explain why. You should also tell us when the issue will be resolved.

What is your policy on devices like mobile phones and iPods?

We are not responsible for the security and loss of mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices. If your child misuses items such as these, we will confiscate them immediately and return them at the end of the day.

*Cottingham High School reserves the right to determine whether any particular garment is suitable for wearing whilst on school premises. This principle also applies to hairstyles and make-up.