Parental Engagement

Below are some comments from parents. This is what we are doing to respond to these:

Comment:  "Can we have greater clarity of information on reports to parents?"

We have added further information on the reports to more clearly explain the judgements made about progress and attitudes to learning.
Comment: "
Can you improve the fabric of the school buildings to make the environment more conducive to effective learning?"

We have initiated a programme of improvements and refurbishments.

Comment: "
Can we have clearer instructions about homework tasks so that we can better support our children at home?"

We provided an Introduction to Doddle event for Y7 students.

Comment: "Can we book our Parents’ Evening appointments online?"

On-line booking system introduced 2015-16

Comment: "Y7 are struggling with the demands of homework at secondary school- can we have facilities to help them?"

We have introduced a Y7 lunchtime Homework Club in the Peer Mentor Room in addition to our KS3 lunchtime Homework Club.

Comment: "Can we focus more on those students whose attitudes to learning are positive rather than focusing on those whose attitudes to learning are negative?"

Positive Discipline system introduced September 2016 to focus on rewards.

Comment: "Can the school improve communication with home?"

The Student Planner is used for immediately notifying parents and carers about rewards and sanctions.
Our website is regularly updated and the SDP and milestones are updated each term.

If you would like to inform us of your views please feel free to take our survey.

Comment: "Can the school offer further support for students outside of lessons?"

We offer Period 6 lessons and February half term, Easter and May half term workshop and revision programmes.

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