Parental Engagement

Below are some comments from parents' evenings this year. This is what we are doing to respond to these:

Comment:  "Would like to book online"
We are trialling an online booking system for events later this year. If this is successful then we will be looking to roll this out for parental evenings and events from next year.
Comment: "Definitely improving"
It’s really pleasing to see the hard work and the changes we have made are visible to parents.

Comment: "Good to receive notification of achievement points by text - but my children never seem to know what they get them for - therefore, cannot see where progress is made or praise in the right places."
We are expecting an update of our VLE (moodle) very soon. This means parents will be able to look at live data regarding their child, including who is awarding achievement points and what they are for.

If you would like to inform us of your views please feel free to take our survey.


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