Care & Guidance

Care & Guidance

We have a dedicated support network to protect, advise and support your child throughout their time with us. The network is made up of our Pastoral Support Team, School Nurse, Family Link Social Worker, Young People Support Services and Educational Welfare Officers.

Our co-ordinated PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education) programme teaches our students to value each other and their community. It gives them the guidance they need when preparing for work and life after school.

In our Citizenship lessons, we teach our students the importance of their responsibilities as local, national and global citizens.

Our Enterprise/Economic and Wellbeing Studies focus on the skills that will help our pupils in all areas of work and further education, like team working, innovation, leadership and creativity.

Careers education starts in Year 7, and in Year 9 we give our students information, advice and guidance to help them choose their KS4 courses.