Behaviour Policy

The Behaviour Policy is centred around Positive Discipline.

Positive Discipline is based on 3 simple ideas:

Central to success is the Student Planner.

This will contain all the positives and negatives gained by a student in the week.

What will the new student planner look like?


There is also space for homework to be recorded. Written warnings are also recorded in the planner.  Written warnings can be issued both in and out of the classroom for inappropriate behaviour and for not following the basic standards and expectations of the school.

Written Warnings

Students can also receive a written warning in the classroom for…

Tutor PD Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Discipline

It continues to be imperative that students must be through the school gate by 8.45am. Students who are late twice in a week will receive an after school detention.

School Day 2018-19

8.50-9.10am           Tutor Time
9.10-10.10am         Period 1
10.10-10.25am       Break
10.25-11.25am       Period 2
11.25am-12.25pm Period 3
12:25-1:10pm         Lunch
1.10-2.10pm           Period 4
2.10-3.10pm           Period 5

You can download our latest Behaviour for LearningExclusion & Anti Bullying Policies here