Behaviour Policy

The Behaviour Policy is centred around Positive Discipline.

Positive Discipline is based on 3 simple ideas:

Central to success is the Student Planner.

This will contain all the positives and negatives gained by a student in the week.

What will the new student planner look like?

The first page will have space for staff to record achievement points in the form of stamps. Stamps can be used to purchase prizes from the Rewards Shop and in turn lead to the awarding of certificates.
Achievement points will be awarded for:
Positive contributions in the lesson
Positive acts around school
Good attendance


The second or right hand page in the planner provides space for homework to be recorded but also lists  written  warnings which are recorded in the planner.
Written warnings can be issued both in and out of the classroom for inappropriate behaviour and for not following the basic standards and expectations of the school.

Written Warnings

If a student receives 6 written warnings in a week he/she will be in Leadership detention until 4.00pm.
If a student receives 8 written warnings in a week he/she will be in Isolation the next day. 
If a student receives 2 written warnings in one lesson, he/she will be in Leadership detention until 4.00pm.

Students can also receive a written warning in the classroom for…

Failure to bring exercise book or homework to the lesson 
Failure to bring PE kit to the PE lesson
Failure to bring Technology ingredients and equipment to the Technology lesson
Mobile device seen or heard in the lesson without the permission of the teacher 

Tutor PD Lesson

Tutor period of one hour per week
Recording of all merits and sanctions
Individual conversations
Praise from SLT –students sent to offices of SLT
Rolling programme
Thought For The Week
Literacy and numeracy for KS3
Maths and English for KS4

Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Discipline

It continues to be imperative that students must be through the school gate by 8.45am. Students who are late twice in a half term will receive a Head of Year detention at lunchtime and if there is third occasion of lateness in a half term a Leadership detention until 4.00pm will be given.

School Day 2017-18

8.50-9.10am Tutor Time
9.10-10.10am Period 1
10.10-10.25am Break
10.25-11.25am Period 2
11.25am-12.25pm Period 3
12:25-1:10pm Lunch
1.10-2.10pm Period 4
2.10-3.10pm Period 5

You can download our latest Behaviour for LearningExclusion & Anti Bullying Policies here