Year 11 Geography Field Trip

Students preparing for their GCSE exam in Geography conducted an urban study in Cottingham village centre. The students were aiming to discover if economic changes in the area had impacted on the main shopping streets of Cottingham, and whether these findings were replicated in Beverley and Driffield.  Students conducted a land use mapping exercise where all of the buildings along Hallgate and The Green were classified using a 'RICEPOTS' key. The students also conducted environmental surveys and field sketches. 

The students were very well behaved and conducted some very accurate data collection. 

Upon returning to school, students were able to compare 2019 data on Beverley and Driffield to that collected earlier in the morning.  They also examined how the 2011 census suggested that the settlements differed economically.  Overall, students concluded that the close proximity to Hull City Centre affected the range of shops found in Cottingham.  However, the village maintains a traditional high street.  Cottingham remained relatively wealthy, helped by the presence of the university and relative wealth of the village’s inhabitants.

Students will be using the day to respond to fieldwork-based questions in their Paper 3 exam in June.

Mr Brookes

AIL Humanities

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