Under the Influence Educational Performance

On Tuesday 19 March, ‘Dramatic Theatre’ came into school to perform ‘Under the Influence?’, a theatre in health education presentation to our Year 7 students. The play is designed to emotionally engage its audience, presenting recognisable characters, identifiable situations and risks and challenges to be overcome. The story is about two young people and their experience with alcohol. It explored attitudes to and motivations for drinking alcohol and considered the effects, risks and consequences of being under the influence of alcohol.

The production’s overall aim is to support young people to make healthier choices around drinking alcohol and begin to develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions. The play and workshop considered how alcohol can affect our relationships. It looked at peer pressure and offered young people strategies for staying safe around alcohol.

The students enjoyed watching the play and then participated in an interactive question and answer session where they were able to engage with the actors and ‘change’ the scenario for the better.

Kerry Dimmack

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