Read For My School

Years 7 and 8 have been busily reading for the last few weeks whilst taking part in Read For My School.  It’s a national reading competition which is open to all children in years 3 – 8 in England, from January to March 2015. This is the first year that we have taken part in this nationwide reading competition, and we are delighted so far at the interest shown by students, with 569 books registered as read so far!

The competition website is hosting a free online library of over 100 books by top children’s authors. Each child will be able to read those books online wherever they have internet access. The programme is fully compatible with most major tablets and other devices. Children can also choose to read books in print or that are not part of the online library – the goal is simply to read as much as possible this term.

There will be a rolling schedule of prize draws for individual children and whole schools who are doing well. We are also offering house points and school prizes for the most active participants. By taking part in the competition, we are demonstrating our commitment towards nurturing positive attitudes towards reading in this school.


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