Laptops and old uniforms for Ghana

As you may be aware we have a well-established link with Kwabeng Anglican Secondary High Technical School in Ghana (KASHTS) and on 9 July a party of our Year 12 students, together with two teachers, are visiting the school until the end of term.  I know that KASHTS would be extremely grateful for any old laptops that you may still have but now find are too slow.  You can well imagine how useful these would be for the teachers in KASHTS as well as for helping their students develop IT skills.  If you can spare a laptop then please bring it to Reception by Friday 4 July.

Also, at the suggestion of a parent, I have been in touch with KASHTS to see if they would be interested in any of our old school uniform since we are changing to the new uniform and PE kit.  The response was, ‘We like every bit of all of them!’! This includes the sweatshirts, which I had thought might be too warm.

Please could you bear this in mind as you consider what to do with any uniform that will not be needed in September?  We will make a collection of as many items as possible and ship them out.  If you also have any football boots or trainers that are now too small we could also include these in the shipment.  Obviously please only send in items that are still in good condition. The school will accept these items throughout the summer holiday and in the first few weeks of September. Please bring in any lap tops by Friday 4 July!

Many thanks for your support.  KASHTS will truly appreciate what you have to share.

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