High Starters Masterclass


On Saturday 16 December, the first East Riding Master Class was held at Cottingham High School. The master classes are a new initiative run by a group of East Riding schools to create a community of high ability students that promotes academic excellence. The pilot programme will deliver master classes to students providing challenges beyond the classroom and fostering a love of learning. The master classes will go beyond the curriculum and allow students to access knowledge and experience other forms of learning.

The programme caters for the highest ability students in Key Stage 4. With each school having only a limited amount of places, students were selected for their skills, aptitudes and attitude to learning.

Entitled Once Upon A Time..., the first master class tasked students with tracking the history of the fairy tale from its oral tradition to the Brothers’ Grimm collection and beyond. They had to consider the importance of the fairy tale tradition, its universal impact and create their own modern tales.

The prize for the best modern fairy tale went to Katie Shelley from Hornsea School with her modern day version of Cinderella. Oliver Wilson from Cottingham High School was in second place with his very humorous reimagining of The Three Little Pigs.

There will be a series of other master classes running through 2018, covering topics from geology to linguistics.

Miss Ireland
Lead Practitioner

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