Consortium Quiz Winners 2019

This year's Consortium Quiz provided another opportunity for Cottingham High to demolish their rivals from Hessle and Wolfreton. The team demonstrated an excellent knowledge of a wide range of topics, were steel-hearted in the face of pressure and had dazzlingly quick responses when using their buzzers, eventually coming in 240 points ahead of their nearest rivals. The team comprised of Ellie Clayton, Harvey Medlicott Revell, Phoebe Crosby and Billy Thomas. They were well rounded with Billy's knowledge of history being nicely complimented by some excellent scientific answers by the two female quizzers  and superb pop culture knowledge from Harvey.  This was the fourth consecutive year with a Cottingham victory. The students can be rightly proud of the fact that the current Year 10 have never lived with a time when the superb quality (and suprisingly heavy) trophy is out of Cottingham High's grasp. A generation raised in an aura of victory.

Mr Jones

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