Climate Change Notification

The next nationwide student climate protest is planned for this Friday, 20 September. We know this is something many of our students feel passionately about and we want to support them in their efforts to protest. We believe the best way we can do this is through education and therefore there will be a focus in lessons on Friday on climate change, the causes, effects, possible consequences and possible solutions. Students of Cottingham High School will not need to leave the school site in order to express their concerns about climate change. We will also charge our School Council to focus upon this important issue and devise ways in which our student body can make a difference. 

We are also encouraging our students to support the work of Torquay Girls’ Grammar school by signing the petition launched by them. 

Link to petition

Link to video 

Link to lyrics

Of course, should you wish your child to attend an organised protest off the school site, please give us notice of this planned absence in the usual manner; through the GatewayApp , via Text or email. We cannot authorise such an absence as we cannot give our students permission to strike: only the person with parental responsibility can do this. It is vital, however, that we are informed of this prior to Friday as no student will be allowed to leave the a school site without permission from parents or carers. I am sure you understand our duty of care in keeping students safely on site.

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