Statutory Information

The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 require schools to publish key information online. Please use the links below for more information on each matter.

The data below shows that the performance of Cottingham High School students was above average for all measures and in the top 40% of all schools nationally.

GCSE School Headline Performance Data 2017-18

PROGRESS 8 +0.26
Other measures

ALEVEL School Headline Performance Data 2017-18

• The class of 2018 have maintained the excellent performance
• Strong three-year trend at A Level
• Outcomes match the results seen in the top 25% of schools nationally for A-level and the top 10% for Applied subject

Please follow the link to the Department for Education Performance Tables and Results for Cottingham High School 2016-17.  Results Tables for 2017-18 will be made available by the DfE in January 2019.